Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning in Roma

Is your car’s DPF having issues? Let a professional handle the diesel particulate filter cleaning in Roma for you. With our team of expert mechanics, you can ensure that your DPF is treated with care!



What is DPF? 


Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a device installed and fitted to diesel fuel cars. It captures and traps the soot from releasing in the air and causes air pollution. Thus, it acts as a trap. 


It stops the engine particles from passing in the air that leads to air pollution and health hazard. Since its holes are small, only the safe gasses escape in the exhaust and the harmful matters are captured.


DPF does not only help in keeping the air clean but it also keeps the car’s engine from particles building-up inside, thus, maintains the car’s engine efficiently working.



How does DPF Cleaning in Roma Work?


In order to protect people’s health and the quality of the air we breathe, an emission standard law is imposed. Due to this law, DPFs are incorporated into diesel fuel cars to reduce the emission of engine particles into the air.


To ensure that diesel fuel cars in Roma can continuously follow the rules, diesel filter cleaning is required.


Diesel filter cleaning in Roma guarantees the complete removal of PM10, 



What are the benefits of DPF Cleaning in Roma?


DPF cleaning is important to ensure that your car’s engine is working properly. To maintain your DPF in good condition, regular cleaning, maintenance and check-up are needed. 


DPF cleaning prevents clogging

As DPF traps the particle matters from escaping in your car’s engine, it can accumulate inside within time of use. Just like any other filter, DPF needs to be regularly emptied to prevent clogging. If your car’s DPF is clogged, it won’t be able to work properly and can even result in a breakdown.


Regenerates DPF

Cleaning the DPF gives it a renewed impact as the particles that have accumulated are burned out, thus, making a new space to store captured soot.


With the help of an expert mechanic, the proper cleaning process can be applied to your DPF. Expert mechanics can analyse if active, passive, or forced regeneration will be used to clean up your filters. To help you check and maintain your DPF, call us at 07 4634 5559.


Why choose Toowoomba Exhaust Centre for DPF cleaning in Roma?


Toowoomba Exhaust Centre (TEC) consists of licensed skilled mechanics that offer wide-range services for vehicles. With our fully equipped workshop, we ensure that we can deal with any sort of vehicle issues like diesel filter cleaning in Roma.


Let us provide you with the right treatment for your diesel particulate filter to keep it clean and pass the standard.

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