Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning in Warwick

Got a clogged diesel filter? Have your DPF cleaning in Warwick through our specialised machines with the help of our professional mechanics!



What is DPF? 


Soot is the result of incomplete combustion in the car’s engine. Once it escapes into the engine, it can contaminate the air and put people’s health at risk. DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is a device that can help in stopping the soot from getting out the engine and adds to air pollution.


DPF acts as a trap that can hold and remove almost 85% of the soots in the engines of diesel fuel cars. With its small holes, soot can’t escape and only the safe gasses can pass through the exhaust.


DPFs are made to help in reducing air pollution and ensure that the car’s engine is safe from particle build-ups, thus, keep it in a good working condition.



How does DPF Cleaning in Warwick Work?


To ensure that the air and people’s health is protected, a law towards emission standard is made. It requires diesel fuel engine cars to fit and install a Diesel Particulate Filter.


To make sure that a car in Warwick always follows the emission standard law, the cleaning of DPF must be secured.


In order to perform the DPF cleaning in Warwick, special machines or chemical additives are used to bring back the DPF to its initial performance. The state of the art cleaning machine guarantees the complete removal of PM10, cerium and oil deposits without damaging the filter. It cleans every kind of particulate filter and catalyst for cars, busses, trucks, plant equipment and mining equipment.

The cleaner machine does the cleaning and drying process in one cycle



What are the benefits of Diesel Filter Cleaning in Warwick?


In order to keep your car’s engine in a good working condition, diesel filter cleaning is a must. Regular cleaning, check-up, and maintenance are important to ensure that your DPF can effectively trap the soot.


Diesel Filter Cleaning can avoid clogged holes

While the DPF stops the soot from coming out the engine, in the long run, it can build up in the filter. Without regular DPF cleaning, soot can clog the filter’s holes, thus, it won’t work effectively and worst, a replacement might be required.


Regular diesel filter cleaning is important to improve fuel economy.


Extend filters life

As the small particles removed during cleaning, the DPF’s performance is restored, thus, it can extend the filter’s life and usage. 


Let a licensed mechanic perform the cleaning of your DPF. With their expertise, rest assured that your car’s DPF is properly analysed and cleaned. For your diesel filter cleaning in Warwick, send us a message so we can help you.



Why let Toowoomba Exhaust Centre handle your DPF cleaning in Warwick?


With Toowoomba Exhaust Centre, keep your mind at ease, as we have skilled mechanics with various vehicle services. We have complete equipment to use in any type of car issues like DPF cleaning in Warwick.


Let us help you in providing your car’s DPF with proper cleaning method, thus, ensure that it works at its best.


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