Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning in Dalby

Clogged filters? Let our expert mechanics handle your diesel particulate filter cleaning in Dalby. With our specialised machines, you can ensure that your DPF will be good as new.



What is DPF? 


Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF is an emission controlling device that is fitted and installed into diesel fuel vehicles. It helps in controlling the soot that is released due to incomplete combustion in the car’s engine.


DPF stops the soot from escaping in the car’s engine that can contaminate the air. Its holes are small that captures the soot so only the safe gasses can pass through the exhaust.


Aside from keeping the air pollution-free, DPF also helps in keeping the car’s engine safe from particles build up and maintain its good working condition.


How does diesel particulate filter cleaning in Dalby work?


To keep the air and people’s health protected, a law regarding emission standards was made. It requires diesel fuel engine cars to fit and install DPF. Diesel particulate filter will help in reducing the emission of harmful particles.


In order to make sure that diesel fuel vehicles in Dalby are carrying on with the rules, regular diesel particulate filter cleaning is a must.


Toowoomba Exhaust Centre’s state of the art cleaning machine guarantees the complete removal of PM10, cerium and oil deposits without damaging the filter. It cleans every kind of of particulate filter and catalyst for cars, busses, trucks, plant equipment and mining equipment.

The cleaner machine does the cleaning and drying process in one cycle.



What are the benefits of diesel filter cleaning in Dalby?


Regular diesel filter cleaning can keep the car’s engine in a good working condition. In order to maintain the DPF’s good condition, regular check-up, cleaning, and maintenance must be met.


Extends DPF and car’s engine life longer

With regular cleaning, maintenance, and check-up, the DPF’s good working condition is taken care of, as well as the engine. The small particles that have hardened inside are removed, thus, giving it a renewed result and longer life.


Fuel Economy

A clean DPF helps your engine perform at peak power and efficiency with better fuel economy.


Avoid Replacement Costs

Regular cleaning helps extend filter life and avoid the cost of a new Diesel Particulate Filter.

How is this possible?

With the use of specialised machines or chemical additives, your DPF can remain efficient for a longer time. Let a skilled licensed mechanic help you with this. They can analyse and perform the proper procedure to your diesel particulate filter. To assist you with your diesel filter cleaning in Dalby, send us an email.



Why let Toowoomba Exhaust Centre help with your Diesel Filter cleaning in Dalby?


Toowoomba Exhaust Centre is a team of professional mechanics that can help you with any type of vehicle issue. We provide various vehicle services that include DPF cleaning in Dalby. Our fully equipped workshop can ensure that your DPF will be good as new.


Let our skilled mechanics perform the proper diesel filter cleaning of your car, thus, keep it following the emission standard law.

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