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Toowoomba Exhaust Centre was established in January 2001 by Scott Thorne. We specialize in a wide range of services and products to suit your vehicle...
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Car Exhausts & Sports Systems

We do repairs and replacements on all Cars, Bikes, Buses, generators and pretty much anything with an engine.
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Spare Parts

We have a range of products for all types of vehicles, from cars to trucks such as Exhaust Gaskets, Mounting Rubbers,Nuts Studs and Bolts...

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Truck Exhausts & Repairs

Toowoomba Exhaust Centre are the experts at truck and machinery exhausts. From a totally new system for you semi or a custom job that has to be especially made.
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Why Clean a DPF/Catalyst

Improve Fuel Economy

A clean diesel particulate filter helps your engine perform at peak and efficiency.

Cleaning a DPF immediately demonstrated improvements in performance, fuel economy, miles travelled between regeneration, and an improved idle.


Avoid Replacement Costs and Extend Filter Life

Regular cleaning helps extend the life of your diesel particulate filter, as soot and ash collected in a DPF can damage or destroy the filter. This can result in a DPF replacement costing anywhere from $3,000 - $8,000, and even worse, it can lead to unscheduled downtime


Reduce Downtime

Over time, ash builds up lineally in the filter causing air flow restriction. This restriction generates exhaust back pressure. This pressure reduces engine efficiency requiring more fuel, more turbo boost and more power to perform the same work from the diesel powered equipment.

A clean DPF will also reduce the time required for regeneration, as well as the wasted fuel costs during this idle period.


What is a DPF

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.

The honeycomb centre is designed to trap the particles of soot which have not been burned off or cleared by an additive.

Signs that your DPF needs cleaning

Frequent regeneration

Losing engine power

Fuel efficiency decreases

Exhaust back-pressure increasing

Manufacturer/Warranty recommendations

The DPF Cleaner

This state of the art technology guarantees the complete removal of PM10, cerium and oil deposits without damaging the filter and is different from any other on the market as it cleans every kind of particulate filter and catalyst for cars (Euro 6 too), buses, trucks, plant equipment, mining equipment including catalyst of large trucks (SCR).

Unlike any other methods used in the industry for regeneration, the Flash cleaner Machine is designed to do the cleaning and drying in one cycle which makes the process faster and less expensive than any other







The Flash Cleaner Machine ensures the recovery of the DPF/Catalyst allowing you to save on expensive replacement

flash cleaning machine

Just one machine handles the entire cleaning process utilizing the force of water.

NO Cutting

NO Welding

NO Baking

NO Ultrasonic Tanks


diesel particle filter new old1

Fast and inexpensive

Quick turnaround time

Suitable for all car, truck, plant and mining equipment




MAY-JUNE SPECIALS - Ends 30th June or while stocks last



*All prices include GST.

Below are a list of some of our parts:

  • Exhaust Gaskets Mounting Rubbers
  • Nuts Studs and Bolts
  • U Bolt Clamps,
  • Easyseal Clamps
  • Exhaust Tube
  • Flexible Stainless Steel tube
  • Chrome and Stainless steel Exhaust Tips
  • Flange Plates Flex Bellows
  • Rain Caps Mandrel bendsand Pressed bends
  • Lipped Flanges Spark Arrestors
  • Safety Pins Linkage Pins
  • R Pins Shaft Locking Pins (Square and Round)
  • Wire Loops 

An exhaust system is usually piping used to guide exhaust gases away from an engine.

It travels through a catalytic converter and mufflers to extract gases away from the car.

We do repairs and replacements on all Cars, Bikes, Buses, generators and pretty much anything with an engine.


Mufflers and resonators are installed within the exhaust system.  Depending on your car and what system you are after Scott will know just the right muffler to fit to keep your car quiet or give it a nice sound.

Performance systems

Free-flowing performance exhaust systems may maximize peak horsepower by reducing or eliminating back pressure.

Well known brands such as XFORCE, ZETTI, REDBACK , are sold and fitted at Toowoomba Exhaust Centre.

There is a wide range of bolt on systems to suit your car or 4wd.  We also custom make sports systems to suit your needs.




The goal of performance exhaust headers/extractors is mainly to decrease back pressure, and to increase the  efficiency of an engine

Toowoomba Exhaust Centre are suppliers of  Pacemaker, Redback, Genie and Xforce extractors.

Catalytic converters

A catalytic converter is an emissions control device that converts toxic pollutants  to less toxic pollutants by oxidation. Catalytic converters are legally required to be fitted on all vehicles after 1986.

Varex Mufflers

A sophisticated butterfly valve mechanism is implemented to redirect the exhaust gas flow and vary be-tween the two. For higher sound level, the exhaust flows are directed through the opening path and produces maximum power with a robust sound level (or the “sports car note”) and near-zero resistance.

Whilst for lower sound level, the exhaust flows are directed through the chambered path (similar design with the stock muffler), and produces minimum sound level that gives you the best in-car comfort.

Angle of the valve is also controllable, which can be adjusted to stop at various points between sports mode and silence mode. This gives you further freedom to set the optimal sound level according to your desired preference.

Toowoomba Exhaust Centre are the experts at truck and machinery exhausts.

From a totally new system for you semi or a custom job that has to be especially made.  Scott's extensive knowledge on truck and machinery exhausts will get your rig up and running in no time.

After hours appointments available for Trucks.

Truck Mufflers

Stocking mufflers to suit a wide range of Trucks and Machinery.

Including sports mufflers




Stacks come in all different sizes and lengths to suit your vehicle. 




Exhaust Tube

We stock exhaust tube from 3” to 6” many sizes available.





Mandrel Bends and Donuts

Mandrel bends in Aluminized, Mild steel or Chrome plated.

Donuts in a range of sizes

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